Bondex: free mining of BNDX tokens on phone

Blockchain for talent hunting built on Solana

I will firstly introduce the project itself and if you are interested only in mining BNDX tokens, then scroll down 👇🏻

p.s. the project can be the next gem, so I recommend the read the full article 😎

Bondex is a decentralized platform where the professionals (people) can connect and find job. Additionally, the companies can find professionals. Other words, this is a Web 3.0. analogue of LinkedIn but with much more features and potential 🚀

BNDX token is a native currency used for governance and utilities. The tokens will be paid as rewards for users participation in the network, referrals, growing our community, content creation.

Why is Bondex worth paying attention to ?

  • It was mentioned by Binance in twitter. It can mean, that the project is reliable.
  • According to Forbes, Bondex is one of the projects that deserve your attention (article here)
  • Yahoo Finance called Bondex as “revolution” (details here)

Vision of Bondex: to create a decentralized global community where professionals connect to find jobs, stay informed, learn new skills, build productive relationships, and support each other to succeed

Mission of Bondex: to democratize the access to talent and professional opportunities leading to a more efficient global labor market

Other Features of the project

  • Bondex will develop a cross-chain crypto wallet.
  • Proof of participation NFTs, demand side revenue — this will be two features for talent/professionals as integrations in their profiles
  • Bondex Credit cards
  • 3rd party payments etc.

How to mine BNDX with your phone for free? 🤑


  1. Download the mobile app. Link here
  2. Enter the referral code LCXPT
  3. Register by mail
  4. Fill your phone number or skip it
  5. Confirm your email
  6. Click “Start Earning Now”
  7. Click it every 24hr to keep it mining
  8. Invite friends, use network, upload CV to boost mining rate.

In future we will be able to withdraw and use the tokens, all the information will be announced by the team. So far, we will follow their news and looking forward to seeing Bondex to the moon 🚀

Get in touch with Bondex community:

Kindly DYOR = Do Your Own Research then join.




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